Hospice and Euthanasia Services

Pet Hospice & Euthanasia in Oxford

Giving Your Pet Comfort in Their Final Moments

Are you having problems caring for a terminally ill pet at home? Does your pet have a medical condition that is painful or causing a poor quality of life? Are you afraid that your sick or elderly pet is suffering?

Our staff of compassionate professionals can help you through this painful experience. We offer hospice services and will work with you to ensure your pet’s comfort and dignity during his or her last days and final moments. Do you have special requests? Do you have questions about the care of your pet’s remains? We can help you with these concerns and will make every effort to accommodate your wishes at this very difficult time.

Call Keystone Animal Hospital today at (610) 400-8785 or contact us online to learn more about pet hospice and euthanasia in Oxford.

Deciding when your pet may need hospice care or euthanasia is a very personal and private decision, but that doesn’t mean you have to make this difficult choice on your own. Our hospice and humane euthanasia services are conducted with respect, compassion, and care. Before you struggle through the suffering of one more day with a sick, elderly, or terminally ill pet, call us to learn how we can help.

Private Euthanasia & Cremation Services

Euthanasia is the painless and humane termination of life. We provide many options to honor the life of your pet. Ask us about the option that best suits your family.

To set up an appointment for pet hospice and euthanasia in Oxford, please call us at (610) 400-8785.


  • Tailored Animal Care

    Let us take care of your pet with a personalized approach that will provide the best results possible for your cherished pet.

  • Wide Range of Care

    We are proud to offer a wide range of care for your furry family members, so whether they are in need of routine vaccinations or someone to watch them while you are away, we have you covered.

  • Educating Our Owners

    At Keystone Animal Hosptial we are passionate about responsible pet ownership and that is why we focus on educating our owners to give them the tools they need to take care of their beloved pets.

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